Ayosha Ali

I am Ayosha Ali, a computer expert. I love computers and the experiments that come with them. I have been researching computer technology for about seven years now, and gaming is my favorite hobby. In my free time, you'll find me reading books or playing video games!

Aysha kamran

Hi, I’m Aysha Kamran! I love to explore and research PC hardware and advanced PC technologies. I’ve spent a lot of time in PC gaming and reading about technological trends, which is why I am drawn to evaluating gaming hardware. Aside from writing, I enjoy reading novels and hanging out with friends.

Rustam Iqbal

Rustam Iqbal is a computer whiz. He loves to travel, and has been to many different countries. When he's not traveling or programming, Rustam likes reviewing new pieces of hardware. If you have any questions about anything computer related, Rustam would be happy to answer them!

Sabah Haroon

Sabah Haroon is a tech-head and an engineer obsessed with technological advancements. She loves testing the newest gadgets, evaluating their performance, and exploring computer hardware and software. Sabah's favorite hobby is to explore all of the advantages that this "Information Age" has brought us -- from smartphones to satellites!