Coin Master Free Spins

Playing casual mobile games is one of the best ways to keep yourself fresh and have a little laid back time from the hectic daily routine. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to play the game but engages you to the fullest. The factor of luck keeps you on the edge of your seat. One of the most popular games in the google play store is the game, and the fundamental reason for the popularity is the Coin Master free spins gaining aspect. This game has everything from raiding, attacking, defending, upgrading, and winning coins. All it takes is just a spin of the wheel to gain an advantage over your enemy.

This game can be linked with your Facebook account, and your friends can also contribute to your growth in the game or keep attacking and raiding your village. You do not require a high-end device to run this game smoothly. Any device with a decent chipset can run the game with ease. It is fun and engages your friends over Facebook. It doesn’t require a lot of skill to learn the game. The colorful graphics and well-animated characters give the game an engaging look.

The best thing about this online game is that you can play it with almost anyone. With simple gaming skills, you can take your in-game village to the top. You can get a pet to improve your raided coins and other aspects of the game. Different cards can enhance your village’s growth speed. When we talk about the Coin Master free spins, it is all about gaining free spins to get coins. We will try to cover all the aspects of the game and some tips to improve your growth faster. Let’s see how the game works by discussing different sections of the game.

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10 spins, 1 million coins
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Set Blast Event
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Origin of Coin Master

The game was introduced in 2015 and gained its way to the top in 2017. It remained in the top position for a significant amount of time. The game had over 81 Million downloads till October 2019. It is the top-grossing game in the UK since February 2019 as it is a free game with in-app purchases that you can use to improve your progression in the game. It is a single-player game that you play against your friends. The game has a casual feel and requires minimal effort to get used to playing the daily game basis. The Coin Master Spin Link was developed by the Israeli game studio Moon Active.

Tips For Getting Coin Master Free Spins

Tips For Getting Coin Master Free Spins


Spinning is the most essential part of the game. You need to spin the lot to progress in the game, but how can you get that enormous amount of spins to be successful?. You could win the Bag of Coin to gain more coins, the Hammer to attack a random village, the Pig Bandit can be used to raid the current village to earn coins. The shield protection to protect yourself from other peoples’ attack or win the energy Capsule allows you to have 10 free spins. Well, there are a lot of ways you can get free spins; let’s discuss a few:


The first is very easy; it’s by waiting for every hour to pass by and gain five free spins. The total number of spins is limited to the maximum value of 50 spins. It means that after every 10 hours, you will have the max amount of free spins that you can own from waiting. Waiting any further will not help as you cannot hold above 50 spins.

Inviting Friends

The second way of gaining free spins in Coin master Free Spins is by inviting your Facebook friends to play the game. Inviting a friend will give you 40 spins, which is the most popular way of getting free spins. That increases your chances of getting coins, attack, or shield during the game. There are some other ways from which you can gain spins. 

Coin Master Spin Link

One of the ways is to get a Coin Master Spin Link. Many users play the game online, and official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter share links to free spins. Some websites directly post those links so that you can use them to become free spins coin master. If you have a lot of friends, you can ask friends to send free spins. They can post the free spin on their wall, and you would use that link to gain a spin. A single player can send spins to 100 people. This way, the chances of you receiving spins increase. So basically, your friends can help you grow in the game faster.

Developing Village

The game starts with your village. You have a few things inside your village, like your house, an animal, a tree, a human, and a vehicle. The village is upgradable and to move to the next level you need to build five buildings in your village. Initially, you start by winning coins from the slot machine and using those coins to upgrade your village’s different buildings. There are many types of villages and types of buildings that a gamer can build. The Village level indirectly shows how experienced the player is in the game.  In the game Free Spin Coin Master, you need to spin to attack, defend, and raid other people’s villages in your friend’s list. The game keeps upgrading their villages, but as of the end of 2020, there were 293 villages in the game, each with unique names and themes. 

Attacking with a Hammer

You can attack other people’s villages in the game by only winning an attack strike-through spinning the slot. The hammer icon represents the attack. If you gain three Hammers in a row, you get the chance to attack someone. After you acquire an attack, go through your friend’s list to select the target or click on random to attack anyone from the list. Your target could be anyone from your friend’s list who has not yet been attacked.

You can visit their village and see the condition. If the village is in good shape, get ready to get your hammer out and beat property to mush. The attack doesn’t have to be on the house; it can be on any property items. You win one attack, so use it wisely until the next slot wins. The user will later see that their property has been attacked by you and might persuade them into attacking back. So be ready to defend yourself.

Defending with a Shield

You can defend your village by winning the defend shield from the spin. The attacker, who is probably your friend, will get the chance to attack your village, but if you have applied a shield to the village, his/her attack will go to waste. It allows you to attack them back with your attack weapon. Defending also has another aspect. You can win multiple shields in the slot spin, but for that, you will need to have some spins up your sleeve. The shield is like a defense mechanism that allows you to protect your village from getting attacked and ensuring that nobody can steal away your precious coins. 

The game allows you to have three shields at one time. It means that you can hold on for three attacks before your village starts to take a hit. So owning an immense amount of property and a higher number of shields helps you secure your position for a more extended period. Fixing your village is costly and uses coins. Just be sure that if you have spun three combos already, you won’t be able to spin combos any further. So apply that defense shield as fast as possible after gaining those three combos.

Raiding like Bandit

Just like attacking and defending, raiding is also an essential aspect of the game. The process of raiding is relatively simple. You spin the slot machine and earn three pig bandits in a row. The Free Spin Coin Master game will automatically pick your target for the raid. The system then sends you to the village, where some places are marked with large Xs. You are given three shovels to dig up the marked location. 

You can hit bottom and still gain no coins, so it’s entirely dependent on your luck. You would be lucky if you hit all the three Xs with the jackpot inside. The coins you dig up are the stashed coins by the game, whose village you are raiding. The coins are subtracted from the treasure. It’s easy to get on someone’s nerve with this feature. 

Card Collection

Coin Master Free Spins also features a card collection. Cards hold rewards such as spins, pets, and other gifts as well. You gain the card by first collecting lots of coins via attacking, raiding, and spinning. The coins can then be used in the card collection section of the game to open chests. 


There are three types of chests in the game called Wooden, golden and magical chests. These chests have different prices. You will have to spend the gold coins to open up a chest. The rewards depend upon the investment you make. The magical is the most expensive chest available to users from level three. Still, as you progress through the game, you will gain the lucky chest, small easter chest, big easter chest, emerald chest, valentines chest and big lucky chest, Viking chest, sapphire chest, fortune chest, ruby chest, and the maximum of the epic chest at village level 130. 

A higher level chest can reward you with a higher star card, and a lower level chest allows you to gain lower level star cards. So you need to spend your coins smartly and target at the specific chest to acquire the card you desire. The rewards also contain pet snacks, pet experience points, and bonus spins. These are added to your inventory.


There are nine card collections, and in completion of a card collection, you get the chance of being rewarded with free spins, a large stash of coins, bonuses, and even pets. The game also has a card trading system. All of us have memories of trading cards as kids. Now you can do that online in games. Free Spin Coin Master gives you the ability to send up to 5 cards to your friends every day. The card can be requested on your Facebook page so that your friends can send you the card if they have an extra one lying around or use mobile price in pakistan.

There are some scarce cards like the joker card. The village level also determines the rarity of the cards, which is only featured in the Mystery, Ruby, and Valentine’s Chests. All the rest of the chests do not have any chances of containing the joker card. The level of your village also determines the rarity of the cards. Lower village level will result in lower level cards. The standard cards can be traded at any time, but you will have to wait for the Gold Card Trading event to trade special Gold Cards.


The pets in the game give a competitive advantage over your friends. The pets give you specific abilities like multiplying the number of coins you raid from someone’s stash, preventing the village from being attacked, and some other advantages. There are three pets featured in the game, so let’s discuss them.


It would help if you hatched them first, so it is relatively easy to hatch them. The foxy is the first made available for you when your village reaches the 4 levels. Other pets can be unlocked by completing a set of cards, as discussed before. The foxy gives you an advantage during raids. You can gain raids up to 106% of the coins raided from a village. The Foxy is the most loved pet until you reach village level 221.


Rhino is a big animal, and the Free Spins Coin Master uses this as a pet to help you prevent your village from being attacked. The effect is somewhat similar to shield. You can save up to 70% of your precious items from being destroyed. The Rhino is an excellent pet to have when you don’t have enough money to fix your village and want to avoid it from being attacked.


The Tiger is a ferocious animal, and it used its property in the game to give you advantages in attacks. When you have a tiger as your pet, your attacking strength could be increased up to 410%. This pet is beneficial to have when you are looking to attack villages to gain coins.

Hatching the Pets

You can hatch your pets to make them available. To do that, first, you need to complete the set of cards that you gained from chests. The foxy is hatched at village level 4, but you will have to depend on your luck while opening chests for tiger and rhino. Tiger is available after completing the beast card collection. Rhino is available after you get the complete collection of creatures cards. When you complete the set, you will receive a message to go to the pets section to hatch the egg.

Upgrading your Pets Abilities

When you first hatch a pet, it is like a baby, giving a lower advantage against the enemy. So it would help if you upgraded your pests. You can upgrade pets by using the XP you have collected. After each upgrade, your pet will give you a better reward. Considering the foxy, it starts with only 16% more coins in each raid. While upgrading your foxy pet to 186 level, you can get up to 106% of your reaped the rewards.

Activating your Pet 

You also need to activate your pets. Your pets need food to activate; otherwise, they remain ineffective. For your pets to start doing their magic, you have to complete some card sets to gain the pet food. When activated, either of your pets will remain activated for 4 consecutive hours. Remember that you can only feed one of your pets, so the remaining pets will not be activated if you use them during this period.


After going through the lengthy discussion, you can now clearly see why this Coin Master Free Spins is so addictive and has engaged so many players worldwide. Big celebrities have even worked in its promos; for example, Jennifer Lopez, Khloé Kardashian, Ben Higgins, Chris Harrison, Rae Sremmurd, Joan Collins, and many others have had their share boosting the popularity of the game.

The gambling aspect keeps you on the edge of your seat. You continually wish for those attacks, shields, and sometimes coins when you are really out of money. We have given off some tips to gain free spins. They are legal ways to get the maximum out of your limited time.

The game also allows you to spend some real money to gain a competitive advantage over your friends, but who pays for online games when you have free spin links. The game makes money through ads, and you gain coins through advertisements, so it’s a win to win for both. We hope you love the game and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed reviewing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get free coin master spins?

You can get them in many ways, like waiting for a specific time interval to gain free spins. You gain five free spins every hour, and a total of 50 spins can be stacked. You can also ask friends to send you free spins and invite new friends to play the game and gain 40 free spins. There are some links on the official pages that offer each coin master spin link for users.

How do you get free spins on coin master 2021?

For free spins on coin master 2021, you need to have many friends on your friend’s list. These games are all based on Facebook and social media interaction. The growing usage of Facebook has compelled game manufacturers to link the games with social media websites to make them more fun to play with your friends. You can ask your friends to give you some free spins, wait, use the slot machine, and build your village to gain free coins.

How do you get free master on the spin link?

There are many links shared over coin masters official pages. Those links are compiled by some websites and upgraded regularly not to have to visit the official page. The search is relatively easy, and you gain free spins through a click of an ad. They need to be upgraded as one link can only give off specific numbers of free spins.

Can you get unlimited spins in Coin master?

There is no legal way to get unlimited spins in coin master. The game just doesn’t allow you to stash unlimited spins in the game, but if you have a lot of actual money lying around, you can keep using it to gain those extra spins. In short, only by credit, you have the chance to earn unlimited spins.