The 8 Best Minimalist PC Cases in 2022

If you are looking for minimalist pc cases for building a PC, you are in the right place. The case makes a huge difference when spending a significant amount. Your investment in a computer must be perceptible from its casing. 

Processor, memory, graphics, and storage are the essential components. And, as we know, the case is where all those expensive components will be placed. 

Therefore, you should have a unique casing for your computer. Minimalist PC Cases are less attention-seeker and a perfect choice for people who want to be focused during work. 

They are designed to blend perfectly within the surroundings and draw little attention compared to futuristic cases. Meanwhile, they provide enough room for cooling options and components.

As we all know, there are hundreds of minimal PC cases at different prices and sizes from different manufacturers. But, it could be challenging for you to choose one for your build. 

For your ease, we have reviewed top minimalist PC cases. Without any doubt, they are all great in terms of reliability, design, look, and of course, pricing. 

DeepCool MACUBE 110 WH (Image credit: Amazon)

DeepCool MACUBE 110 WH

Best Buy


Dimensions (LxWxH):  15.74 x 8.86 x 16.97 inches | Motherboard Compatibility: Mini ITX, Micro ATX | Weight: 13.67 Pounds | Case Type: Mini-Tower | No. of Fans: 02


Attractive pricing for outstanding functionality in a stylish minimalist PC style.

A magnetic tempered glass panel shows the components of your build.

A clean, minimalistic, and yet eye-catching design.


The build quality is not satisfactory compared to the other cases enlisted.

It only supports a micro ATX motherboard.

DeepCool MACUBE Micro ATX is a slim and elegant PC case that is not only an excellent choice for smaller configurations but is also quite economical. We believe this is the most exceptional offer for you.

Simple, clean, and compact are the characteristics of the layout. It is useable for almost every type of with a smooth and bare finish that encloses the front panel.

This case is made even more gorgeous with a simple design that includes a full-size tempered glass PC side panel with magnets. It can accommodate a micro ATX motherboard and has a minimalist aesthetic.

The case comes with a height-adjustable cardholder for your graphics card, ensuring that your GPU does not droop while you are playing your game. In addition to supporting up to six 120mm PC fans, the cooling system is quite large.

Lian Li Mid-Tower Chassis ATX (Image credit: Amazon)

Lian Li Mid-Tower Chassis ATX

Elegant Design


Dimensions (LxWxH):  8.1 x 16.3 x 19.1 inches | Motherboard Compatibility: ATX | Weight: 15.54 Pounds | Case Type: Mid-Tower | No. of Fans: 03


A clean, minimalistic, and yet eye-catching design.

The great majority of PC hardware can be installed in it, irrespective of its size.

Perfect airflow that outperforms other currently available PC cases.


No RGB light included.

Limited USB ports on the front panel.

Lian Li’s design is sophisticated and straightforward, with nothing to draw attention. Only the brand name is printed on the front bottom of the otherwise plain front.

A tempered glass side panel displays the interior components. In terms of dimensions, it measures 8.3 x 16.3 x 19.1 inches. There is a lot of room inside for all of your equipment, including ATX, mATX, and mini-ITX motherboards. 

Changing the hardware is a breeze with the detachable SSD mounting brackets, swappable top and front fan brackets, and bottom side panel PSU and HDD bay. 

It has a lot of room beneath the motherboard tray to hide the connections, making it an ideal cable management option. 

Easy-to-clean magnetic dust filters are included in the package. Both sides include side vents, a bottom dust filter box, and two 120mm pre-installed fans for optimal airflow.

Corsair Carbide 275R (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair Carbide 275R

Aesthetically Perfect


Dimensions (LxWxH):  17.56 x 8.31 x 17.19 inches | Motherboard Compatibility: ATX | Weight: 10.14kg | Case Type: Full-Tower | No. of Fans: 06


Strong tempered glass side panel.

Neat and minimal front panel.

Steel trays for storage expansion.


Side Panel screwed with hex screws.

Inadequate support for side panel except for body screws.

Corsair has been making cases for a long time, but its most recent designs have a similar aesthetic: a clean, uncluttered appearance. The Carbide 275R is one of the company’s best-looking and most compact cases. 

Corsair Carbide 275R comes in two different colors. Along with this, you can have tempered glass or solid side as its side panel. 

It is a mid-tower ATX case. But, there is still adequate space for components to be housed inside. There are built-in cable trays to keep your setup neat and organized.

Along with this, you get superb cooling capabilities and plenty of expansion ports and drive spaces, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic minimalist computer case.

Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 (Image credit: Amazon)

Cooler Master MasterBox NR600

Stylish Yet Affordable


Dimensions (LxWxH):  21.26 x 21.26 x 11.02 inches | Motherboard Compatibility: ATX | Weight: 6.67 kg | Case Type: Mid-Tower | No. of Fans: 02


Looks elegant & sleek.

Commendable thermal and acoustics.

Tool-Free Brackets for SSD Drives.


Not even a single USB 3.1 Type-C port.

Inadequate space after installing the motherboard.

Cooler Master’s NR600 mid-tower case has a clean, uncluttered appearance. It boasts a wide breathable top vent and a complete mesh panel on the front for maximum thermal performance.

Both panels double as dust filters to limit the number of unneeded pieces. A tempered glass side panel covers its full-length power supply shroud.

Tool-free clips secure the side panel in place. At the same time, the panel may be easily removed by drawing it back and then lifting it at a 45-degree angle.

An entire ATX motherboard, 166mm CPU cooler, and four-inch graphics card can fit in the chassis. On top of that, there are two long rubber grommets for routing wires, seven expansion slots, and enough for three 2.5" SSDs.

More 2.5" SSDs and 3.5" HDDs may be installed under the motherboard tray and in the bay of the PS shroud to increase the total number of drives to five. Although it’s unfortunate, the drive bay is soldered to structure. 

Consequently, the PSU can only be 180mm long and detachable. Finally, you’ll enjoy the adaptable support for fans and radiators provided by this stand.

Two 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator may be mounted on the case’s lid’s top. A 360mm radiator or three 120mm fans may also be installed at the front. Two 120mm fans are already pre-installed.

DarkFlash V22 Pink (Image credit: Amazon)

DarkFlash V22 Pink

Stylish Yet Affordable


Dimensions (LxWxH):  21.26 x 21.26 x 11.02 inches | Motherboard Compatibility: ATX | Weight: 6.67 kg | Case Type: Mid-Tower | No. of Fans: 05


Great inverted structure.

Solid quality material.

Enough space for cable management.


It has no fans included

No zip ties are available for installing fans.

The darkFlash V22 is a mid-tower chassis with an inverted layout that gives users many upgrading options. Swinging glass door and mesh edge on the front panel give top-notch ventilation in this stunning piece of furniture.

The V22’s design instantly appeals to the eye and is evocative of something the designers at Apple. It is because of its simple design, high-quality materials, and creamy pink color.

167mm ATX coolers, 200mm PSUs, and 310mm GPUs may all be installed on this motherboard. For a vertical GPU arrangement, the motherboard rotates 90 degrees.

You won’t have to worry about your GPU drooping. The V22’s large interior, accommodating many fans, makes it easy to keep a system cool.

Three 120mm fans (or a 240mm radiator) can be mounted in the front. It allows for the flowing of air over your components and into/out of your setup. In addition, two 120mm fans may be installed in the back.

The V22’s storage capacity is limited, but it should be enough for most users. There is enough for two 3.5mm HDDs in the power supply shroud’s drive tray. It’s also possible to add two more SSDs to the motherboard tray.

Lian Li Q58 (Image credit: Amazon)

Lian Li Q58

Ultra Minimalist ITX


Dimensions (LxWxH):  20.15 x 20.16 x 11.02 inches | Motherboard Compatibility: iTX | Weight: 4 kg | Case Type: Mini-Tower


ATX or SFX PSUs fits easily.

Compatible with triple-slot GPUs.

Aesthetically appealing material.


Computer hardware is not visible.

Complicated cable management.

The Lian Li Q58 is a fantastic simple PC case with massive minimalism that gives an incredible amount of space of 14.5. Glass and mesh panels may be swapped out on the sides, while the front features a dual-textured design. 

Thanks to this design, all of your inner workings may be seen and easily accessed. The Q58’s three-material construction ensures a high degree of durability. Brushed aluminum is used on the bottom half, while sandblasted aluminum is used on the upper half of the panel.

The contrasting color design extends to the glass and mesh sides of the casing. Getting inside is a breeze with its side mesh and glass panels removed on swivel hinges.

Two powerful magnets hold the panels vertically open when a tiny force is applied. The tempered glass panel includes a bottom thumbscrew to keep it in place.

The Q58’s steel interior makes the most of every square inch with a sandwich design. You can fit up to 320mm long 3-slot GPUs here (in the left compartment, that is).

However, the right side may alternatively support ITX motherboards and ATX or ITX power supply. If you choose a bigger ATX power supply, you’ll have to give up a 120mm fan or 2.5mm SSD mount at the bottom of the case.

But the Q58’s modular storage spots all over the chassis give plenty of room for the Q58’s components. Each SSD and 3.5" HDD have compartments, making this a versatile storage solution.

On top of that, the Q58 still has the capacity for a 120 mm AIO CPU cooler on the motherboard and numerous fan or radiator setups (max 280 mm). Optional RGB strips are also available, and a 5V ARGB fan hub is included in the purchase.

Rosewill Prism S-Lite (Image credit: Amazon)

Rosewill Prism S-Lite

Aesthetic King


Dimensions (LxWxH):  22.7 x 22.1 x 11.02 inches | Motherboard Compatibility: ATX | Weight: 21.15 p | Case Type: Mid-Tower


Dedicated bottom airflow intake for better cooling.

Supports different radiator configurations.

Clean and unique front panel.


Limited air intake ducts.

No pre-installed RGBs.

Rosewill’s Prism S-Lite ATX mid-tower case is intriguing. No tiring old-styled single-color panel design like other minimalist cases.

An angular white design on the front instead. It’s still minimalist, but it looks better in white than brushed metal.

The Prism’s interior is a blank canvas. You can easily fit a radiator vertically to liquid cool your CPU.

The top PSU shroud hides additional wire lengths, and a GPU bracing is an unusual inclusion. But the bracing will keep big, hefty GPUs from sagging and stressing your board.

You can have two SSDs in the front, and there are two extra SSDs in the detachable trays and another HDD or SSD in the removable cage. The Rosewill Prism S-Lite is one of the most minimalist PC cases, particularly if you like a more dynamic style.

Fractal Design Define 7 (Image credit: Amazon)

Fractal Design Define 7

Compact Case


Dimensions (LxWxH):  16.81 x 8.7 x 11.02 inches | Motherboard Compatibility: ATX | Weight: 25 p | Case Type: Mid-Tower   No. of Fans: 02


Good No. of USB Ports.

Enormously satisfying build quality.

Good sound deadening work.


Limited space for cables.

Comes in black color only.

The compact version of the original Define 7 design is shorter and more manageable in terms of size. As a result, the interior can no longer be opened to provide more drive space, although the top plate may be removed and replaced as needed.

This chassis’s greatest asset is its ease of usage. Latches that don’t need any tools are used on the majority of the panels. The anodized aluminum front panel, the tempered glass side panels, and the detachable top are all part of this design.

You may begin construction now that the panels have been removed. It features a large amount of headroom for ATX motherboards, 360mm GPU coolers, and 169mm CPU coolers, despite its small size. In addition, there are seven bridgeless extension ports on the back, as well as rubber grommets for routing wires. '

Three 120mm front fans, two 120mm top fans, and one 120mm exhaust fan may all be accommodated in the main chamber. We like that it comes with two Dynamic X2 GP-12 stock fans to help you get started. The front one is pre-installed, and the back one is, too.

Lastly, a two-piece detachable PSU shroud is located at the bottom of the case. With the detachable drive bay, this can hold a 165mm PSU, or a 200mm PSU without it. The bay can hold two 3.5" HDDs. However, the motherboard tray can also hold two SSDs.

Things to Consider Before finalizing a minimal PC case for your setup


The size of a PC case is indeed the most important thing to consider when purchasing one. Minimalist PC cases come in four sizes: tiny (less than 14 inches), mini-tower (14-16 inches), mid-tower (17-21 inches), and full tower (22-27 inches).

Build Material 

Minimal PC cases come in a range of materials. But, before purchasing a PC case, consider the most durable material. Steel is the most durable material for protection (more specifically: SECC Steel). However, steel PC casings are not cheap. Acrylic and aluminum are stable and cost-effective substitute materials.

Air Ventilation

A good ventilation system is also crucial. An effective airflow system guarantees optimal ventilation and cooling, which is essential for a system’s longevity and smooth operation. Proper ventilation influences the building life of your PC. Thus, it’s critical to consider when selecting a PC case.

Cable Management

Minimalist PC setup is not only about size, but also about aesthetics. To keep your system clean, sleek, and organized, you must organize your wires.

A minimalist PC case should have enough space and features to handle connections both inside and outside the machine to prevent a cluttered appearance.

Side Panels

The ideal choice for a minimalist layout is a tempered glass panel, effectively a clear panel. Tempered glass panels are very durable. 

It also refines the aesthetic of a minimalist PC case. A tempered glass panel is a great choice for a stylish design. Plastic panels are less expensive than glass but are also more difficult to clean.

Dust Filters

When choosing a PC case, check for dust filters that work well and protect the PC from dust particles. Dust filters that don’t work properly may damage a system’s internal memory, storage, processor, or even GPU. 


Most people believe that minimal computer cases can never outperform large-sized casings, which is just an assumption. The thought mentioned above comes from the concept that a bigger case means more ventilation, etc.

But, with additional fans, it will be able to cool your hardware components more effectively and quickly, resulting in better performance. A minimal PC case is always a perfect choice for cooling your CPUs and GPUs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a small PC case matter?

The casing supports your motherboard, allowing you to utilize it without short-circuiting the whole computer. Cases exist in three sizes: Micro ATX, Midi, and Full.

Are all PC cases compatible?

Only if you have an ATX-sized case, every other motherboard will fit easily.

What is the smallest PC case form factor?

Mini-ITX motherboards are the smallest form factor available in computing, and they are meant to enable relatively low-cost computers in tight spaces where there is insufficient room for a bigger computer to operate.