How To Get A Graphics Card Refurbished - Guide

A computer has different components that are responsible for carrying out different functions. One of those components is a graphics card. A graphics processing unit, also known as GPU, is the hardware required to render images, play movies, and run applications and games. 

A Graphics card is commonly referred to as a GPU which is like a display card for your computer. However, the graphics processing unit (GPU) is a fundamental component of the entire graphics card. You can’t play any high-graphics games without a graphics card.  

A graphics card is used for rendering images such as photos, videos, documents, and games to display on your computer’s monitor. All of the tasks, including playing a high-graphics game to something that people think is very easy, like opening a new document or file, require a graphics card. 

How To Get A Graphics Card Refurbished

It is the graphics card that receives instructions from the CPU on what should be shown on the display. It processes these instructions through its own processing unit, updating the VRAM about which pixels on the display need to be changed. 

It is one of the basic operations of a graphics card to transfer information and data to the display through a connection, to change the images, brightness, textures, shading, and everything else. Many people often ask if they can use a refurbished graphics card. Well, before we answer that, it is important for you to understand what actually is a refurbished graphics card. 

What is a Refurbished Graphics Card? 

A refurbished graphics card refers to any graphics card that is sold after it is returned to the seller or manufacturer for different reasons, such as if the graphics card did not fit in the PC, or it came with some components damages, or the graphics card did not work.

What is a Refurbished Graphics Card

It is used for a shorter time before it is returned back to the vendor. A refurbished graphics card will last longer than a used graphics card. If you’re on a tight budget, then you can get your hands on an original but refurbished GPU that still looks and work as good as a new one for less money.

Buying a Refurbished Graphics Card

People often ask if they should get a refurbished graphics card instead of a used graphics card. Well, buying a refurbished graphics card is way better than buying a used one because of many reasons. 

Like you get a short warranty period for a refurbished graphics card. However, there is no warranty for used graphics cards most of the time. Before you make a purchase for a refurbished graphics card, there are some factors you must look at.

Trusted Sellers/Vendors

It is better to get a refurbished graphics card from trusted sellers or platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart instead of any local online sellers. Even if you get it from a local seller, make sure to check the description of the products and feedback or product reviews before you make a final decision. 

Buying a Refurbished Graphics Card

It is best not to purchase a graphics card with many repairs or replacements done, such as a replacement of VRMs, or blowing capacitors. However, if there is just a minor repair or replacement of a heatsink or GPU fan, then it is safe to buy the refurbished graphics card.

Short Warranty Period 

The major reason why buying a refurbished graphics card is better than a used graphics card is the short warranty time. When you buy a new graphics card, you get a long time warranty for it. But that is not the case for used graphics cards. 

However, the refurbished graphics card has a limited warranty period. It does not have the same warranty period as a new one. But, it is better to have a refurbished graphics card with a short warranty time than a used GPU with no warranty at all.

The refurbished graphics card is either defective or slightly used before it is sent back to the sellers or manufacturers. Then the manufacturer repairs the defective parts before it is sold to the new customers. When you get a refurbished graphics card from a reliable platform or brand, they offer you a warranty for a short time which makes it safe to use.


Sometimes, there is not a huge price difference between the refurbished graphics card and a used graphics card. In such a case, it is better to invest your money in purchasing a refurbished graphics card rather than buying a graphics card that has been used in the past.

Why get a Refurbished Graphics Card?

Well, you might ask why you should get a refurbished card. Honestly, it depends on you. If you have a high budget and you can afford then buy a new graphics card. But in case there is a limited budget, then it is better to purchase a refurbished graphics card. 

Sometimes the latest models of graphics cards are not always the best in terms of reliability and performance. That is why users, especially gamers, prefer using old models. But the old models available are either used graphics cards or refurbished ones. 

Why get a Refurbished Graphics Card?

Apart from this, the refurbished graphics cards look as same as a new ones. But they are a lot more cheaper than the new graphics cards. Many people have started buying refurbished graphics cards at almost half the price of new ones. 


High-end graphics cards has become very expensive. So, it is difficult to find a GPU that suits your budget. Now, you can either buy a refurbished graphics card or a used graphics card as an alternative.

The refurbished graphics card is generally a GPU that has been returned back to the vendor or manufacturers by the consumer due to some minor defects such as a faulty heatsink or the cooling fan. 

These slightly defected graphics cards are repaired by the manufacturers to sell under the label “refurbished” graphics cards. It is better to go with the refurbished graphics cards that come with a short warranty period rather than buying a used graphics card.