The 8 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 50$

Are you trying to find the right Bluetooth speaker but can’t find one due to the number of choices on the market? Even though it may seem like sacrificing quality is necessary when looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker, some options under $50 deliver decent sound quality.

The simplest way to choose a speaker that’s right for you is to arrange a demo because the sound is subjective, so you can’t tell how great a speaker is by looking at its specifications.

Most Bluetooth speakers are smaller in size and offer fewer features, yet some add at least a few advanced features. Whether you’re looking for voice assistants, sound customization features, or something else, you can likely find something within your budget.

In spite of the emergence of better smart speakers, we can still count the best Bluetooth speakers among our favorites. We will look at a wide range of portable Bluetooth speakers under 50 because they can come in various shapes and sizes. Without any further ado, let’s discuss the following ones that are our favorites out of the hundreds.

OontZ Angle 3 (Image credit: Amazon)

OontZ Angle 3

An Ergonomic Win


Weight: 9 ounces | Bluetooth range: 100 feet (unobstructed) |  power: 5 watt | playtime: 14 hours (at volume 65%) |  charging type: micro USB



Easy controls and pairing

Great connectivity and sounds fantastic


Average Sound Quality

The battery takes something like 5 or so hours to charge fully.

The design is still a triangle (like a long triangular pyramid). The majority of the material is plastic. This speaker can be positioned either vertically or horizontally so you can get the best stereo separation. We recommend placing it horizontally.

There are no removable parts on Angle 3 Ultra. All edges are rubberized to prevent slipping. Angle 3 Ultra comes in two colors (black or white). Both drivers are placed on the side, and the aluminum grille protects them. 

In addition, there is no remote control, which is disappointing. It would be nice if there were remote control. All inputs are located to the right of the control button.

An AUX (3.5mm) input is next to a micro USB charging port. This speaker is IPX7 waterproof, but it can’t withstand water while in AUX mode or whenever a rubber flap isn’t covering it.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen, 2018 release) (Image credit: Amazon)

Echo Dot (3rd Gen, 2018 release)

Voice control your music


Speakers: 1.6” speaker | line in/out: 3.5 mm line out | type: Wireless speakers | connection: 3 5mm, Wifi.


It's compact and can be placed relatively anywhere

Worth the money

An innovative design


Doesn't have an internal memory feature to recall

The integration is smart and user-friendly but not flawless.

If you are browsing for an inexpensive Bluetooth device with a unique design. This one is for you. This device is affordable, flexible, and attractive and sounds much better than the Google Home Mini. It can also be hooked up to an external loudspeaker or paired with another Dot for stereo sound.

It’s a good choice for those who have never switched to smart speakers and aren’t bothered about the whole listening device thing.

It’s no longer tinny, and it’s half the price of the bigger Echo. Echo Dot is good enough to be your default Alexa speaker in most rooms of your home.

JBL Clip 3 (Image credit: Amazon)

JBL Clip 3

The Lightest Bluetooth speaker


Item weight: 7.84 ounces | power source : battery powered | item dimension : 4.33 x 2.17 x 4.3 inches


The audio is good for the size and price.

It is Waterproof.

Lightweight design.


There are a few accessories.

Bass response is nonexistent.

We considered multiple factors when reviewing it. We put the JBL Clip 3 portable speaker to the test to come up with a fair, balanced, and comprehensive review, evaluating its sound quality with different styles of music and types of tracks and the design, the color, and the connectivity options. JBL Clip 3 is a tremendous audio communication device for hikers and campers. If you enjoy going camping or hiking, you probably have a few carabiners, but this one has a speaker on the other end.

You can use this masterpiece to listen to music in the shower. With its IPX7 waterproof rating and built-in carabiner, the Clip 3 is perfect for hanging in the bathroom. It is also loud enough to let you hear what you’re listening to over the water.

Due to its small size, it is lacking in the low end, but its focus on vocals makes it a good pick for anyone listening to podcasts while on the go.

Anker Soundcore 3 (Image credit: Amazon)

Anker Soundcore 3

24-Hour Playtime


Input: 5V2A |  Audio Output: 16w (2*8W) | Battery : 6700mAH | Charge Time: about 4 hrs | Bluetooth Frequency Range: 2402-2480 Mhz | Model number: A3117.


Compact and lightweight

Durability of battery

The IPX7 water-resistant standard.


The mobile app has a few features

Auxiliary jack removed

The Anker Soundcore 3 is a handy, affordable device with exceptional battery life. It’s inconspicuous in your backpack until you power it on, connect to your device, and start playing your music.

Moreover, it’s waterproof, making it a good option for people who are hard on their gear; therefore, it makes an exceptional gift for people on the go who love to share music with their friends.

It has IPX7 speakers, which means it can withstand submersion up to three feet for 30 minutes, so even if someone knocks it over in the water, the party will not stop.

In addition to this, the Soundcore 3 comes with a removable strap to be carried or hung on a tree. We recently tested the Soundcore 3 and concluded that the low MSRP would make people take notice of this speaker. It boasts a claimed battery life of 24 hours. 

DOSS SoundBox Plus (Image credit: Amazon)

DOSS SoundBox Plus

Soft Mixed Lights


Sound Driver: 2 x 8W full range Drivers | Waterproof: IPX4. | Feature: Touch control & TWS | pairing & Beat-Synched Light. | Playtime: 20 hrs.| Size: 7.6 x 3.3 x 3.1.


Excellent 360° sound quality

A touch-sensitive control system



Batteries last on average

The product is not waterproof

Featuring a small, rectangular design that can be gripped in just one hand, the DOSS SoundBox Plus is equipped with lights that can be adjusted for color and pattern or left off if you prefer. A metal grille covers the front and back sides, and plastic covers the top and bottom. It comes in multiple color options as well.

It has a Power button and an ‘Add’ button that controls the lights or enables True Wireless Stereo pairing. In addition, you can tap the ‘Mode’ button to switch inputs or hold it down to activate the voice assistant. After you press the buttons, they’ll light up to show that they’ve registered the command.

Since it’s battery-powered, it can be used outside without an outlet. The controls on the device are intuitive.

EarFun Uboom (Image credit: Amazon)

EarFun Uboom



Bluetooth Version V5.0 | Transducer 245mm | Bluetooth Profile A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP | Output Power 212W | Battery7.4V, 2200mAh | Input Power5V/2A | Play Time Up to 16 hours | Charging time about 4 hours | Weight 585g / 20.63oz.


Excellent battery life.

Water resistance.

Great form-factor / build quality.


Great for the price, not the best sounding

There are no AAC or aptX codecs.

Most people are unaware of EarFun’s inexpensive Bluetooth speakers despite their superior performance and value. Their black mesh cylindrical body supports a rubber top and bottom. The Uboom has the added benefit of being water-resistant. In addition to sounding great, it’s also well-built and fully waterproof. Instead of charging via USB, it uses USB-C. It is waterproof to IPX7, so it’s capable of being dropped in water. It will float, but we wouldn’t recommend leaving it there for more than 30 minutes.

At the beach, it’s comforting to know it won’t be damaged if it gets covered in water or splashed. With a full charge, it can play music for up to 16 hours. You can answer hands-free calls and pair two Ubooms together for stereo sound with a built-in microphone. Its Bluetooth range is surprising.

Creative Stage Air (Image credit: Amazon)

Creative Stage Air

Good Budget-Conscious Choice


Product Type: Under-monitor, soundbar speaker | Weight: 910 g, 2 lb | Power Output: 2 x 5 W, Total System Peak | power: 20 W | Frequency Range: 80 Hz – 20 kHz | SNR: ≥ 72 dB


Moderate volume and low-mids with bright highs

adjust under computer monitors

Affordable and Easy setup


Design isn't outdoor-friendly

Short aux cord

As a mini soundbar, the Creative Stage Air is unlike most wireless speakers we review—it is not rugged, waterproof, or minimal. Though portable, it is meant for use below your computer monitor. 

It can stream music via Bluetooth and play MP3s from a USB thumb drive using a standard 3.5mm aux port.

Stage Air delivers a good audio experience for the price. From a size perspective, it’s hard to guess its audio performance. You can play Creative stage air anywhere in your house without a power source for up to six hours, thanks to the battery life of up to six hours.

It works well when playing tracks with sub-bass content like The Knife’s “Silent Shout.” It’s not impressive at high volume, but it does deliver the audio clearly at roughly 75 percent volume levels.

Tribit Stormbox Micro (Image credit: Amazon)

Tribit Stormbox Micro



Bluetooth version 5.0 | Bluetooth range 30m | Power output 9W | Battery life Up to 8 hours | Rating IP67 (dustproof/waterproof) | Frequency response 70Hz-20kHz | Dimensions (hwd) 9.8 x 9.8 x 3.5cm | Weight 290g


Good sound quality

Bass that is shockingly heavy

Unbelievably Large Sound in a Compact Speaker


Insufficient battery life

Small speaker with great sound but has connectivity issues

The Tribit Audio Stormbox Micro would blend in well with almost any style of decor, backpack, or personal taste. Its size is about the same as a stack of drink coasters, and the upper half is covered by a black fabric cover.

Having an IP67 rating here means that the speaker is fully waterproof and can be submerged for 30 minutes up to about three feet. It works well underwater, but the Bluetooth signal and sound won’t work underwater. You can wash the speaker under a faucet until it’s clean (it’s dustproof, too), and then it’s dry.

You can connect two speakers to work as a stereo pair or click both to play the same mono stream in Party Mode.

One press plays and pauses, while two presses skip to the next track, and three presses have the device’s voice assistant summoned - we were impressed with the Stormbox Micro’s mic’s ability to pick up our requests

Quick Shopping Tips

Choosing the best Bluetooth speaker is challenging because there are many different options on the market, raising the question of what is the best Bluetooth speaker fits your needs?

Although big shopping malls can sometimes let you try speakers before you buy, it’s not always possible to do so. It would be helpful to know what to look for in a speaker to see that it meets all of your needs before you buy it. 

You must pay attention to a few features before buying a Bluetooth speaker for your next trip.

Voice control

A quality Bluetooth speaker should have voice control because you can stream music from your smartphone and get directions, news, and other information from your assistant.

water resistance

There is no electronic that is waterproof 100% of the time. With enough time and usage, any speaker will break. However, some Bluetooth speakers are built to be more durable than others based on their Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. IP ratings are factors to consider when choosing your Bluetooth speakers.

Multiroom system

You can find Bluetooth speakers that support both wi-fi and Bluetooth, and these speakers can often be integrated into a multi-room system. Make sure to look for this feature before purchasing a speaker.

Battery life

You should always pay attention to battery life regardless of which speaker you buy. Try to choose prominent speakers. However, it’s not always true that more prominent speakers have longer battery lives.


Additionally, features such as intelligent aux input and USB-C portable Bluetooth 4 or 5 charger, party lights, radio tuner, easy setup, sound quality, size, and NFC connectivity should be considered when buying Bluetooth speakers.


We have come to the end of our review of portable Bluetooth speakers. As you can see, there are a lot of choices, from whole heavy-duty systems to tiny pocket speakers. Having read this review, you should make your decision based on the following criteria: if you want a perfect fit for your pocket, go with Tribit Stormbox Micro and if you want a long-lasting battery, go with EarFun Uboom. In short, choose what is best for your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best portable Bluetooth speaker under 50?

We found Tribit Stormbox Micro to be the best portable Bluetooth speaker within this budget.

What makes a good Bluetooth speaker?

A good Bluetooth speaker has several characteristics, including sound quality, water resistance, shape, and battery life.

Which Bluetooth speaker is best for a pool party?

For pool parties, the Anker Soundcore 3 and EarFun Uboom are the best options.