Best RGB PC Cases

Corsair and Razer incorporated RGBs into motherboards in 2015, which led to its rise in popularity. Since then, all computer makers have switched toward making their computers seem reasonable, and the demand has gone from being a value addition to necessary in gaming PCs.

The computer chassis is becoming the most sought-after component to feature RGB. Different types of RGB chassis are available with various choices to pick from, just like any other piece of gear. We’ll look at the best items manufactured using high-tech manufacturing techniques and those that meet your budget.

An RGB case that has room for your high-end GPU, Air-based CPU cooler, liquid cooling reservoir, massive radiator, and other space-consuming gear would be a fantastic addition.

We’ve chosen a chassis range in size from Mid Tower to Mini ITX. Choose between a tiny, RGB-enhanced PC for fun and a mid-range gaming PC that gets the job done in a compact package. It all came down to what the consumer wanted.

The RGB color space also comes in various colors, from the simple to the complex, from the static to the dynamic, and everything in between. Buying a PC case might be a daunting task for someone new to the hobby, so here is an important consideration to keep in mind while making your purchase:

Quick Shopping Tips

RGB Lighting: Some chassis come with pre-installed RGB fans and pre-installed RGB lighting strips. Lightning controllers are included in certain RGB cases, and some depend on motherboard controllers to do the job. RGB can be static and dynamic, and be sure to check the type according to your liking.

Motherboard Support: RGB PC cases come with different form factors, and depending on their form, they support various sizes of the motherboard. Be sure to check the motherboard size of your build before purchasing a chassis.

Chassis Design: Chassis come with different designs; some support high airflow while others are focused on liquid cooling. Some showcase your entire hardware with glass, while others keep it subtle and closed.

Drive Bay: If you are a content creator, you would require a large storage capacity. The storage devices come in two sizes, 2.5” and 3.5”. The chassis should have enough drive bay to support your storage device.

Best RGB PC Cases at a glance:

  1. Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Tempered Glass
  2. MUSETEX Phantom 907
  3. AeroCool Klaw
  4. Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601
  5. Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M
  6. darkFlash Phantom DR12
  7. Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D
  8. InWin A1 Plus

The Best RGB PC Cases You Can Buy Today

Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Tempered Glass (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Tempered Glass

Overall Best RGB PC Case


Brand: Corsair | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Steel + Tempered Glass | Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro-ATX, ITX | Drive Bay: Two 2.5’’ & Two 3.5’’ | GPU Clearance: 300 mm | CPU Clearance: 160 mm | PSU Clearance: 180 mm | RGB Fans: Three 120 mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Radiator Compatibility: 360 mm | Weight: 14.3 pounds | Dimensions: 15.55 x 8.27 x 17.72 inches


Three pre-installed case fans

Offers integrated full-length PSU

Precise and Durable Tempered Glass


ATX power supply is not included

Complicated for cable management

Corsair makes the best RGB PC case on the market. Using the CORSAIR iCUE software, they may be controlled with high precision. You may use this program to control RGB on any Corsair device that supports iCUE.

A Corsair lighting node core is pre-installed in this Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Tempered Glass chassis. It has a primary controller that controls both RGB lights and fan speed. The iCUE module may be used to independently address each of the three SP120 RGB PRO FANS in the chassis. Each fan has eight LEDs.

As a first-time PC builder, wire management might be a challenge. Because of the small distance between the power supply and the HDD cage won’t be easy to manage the cables if you choose a big PSU.

Corsair’s goal of creating a small unit with outstanding ventilation is perfect when it comes to power supplies. To make room for a 360mm radiator, you’ll have to remove the 3.5" drive bay. However, the RGB illumination provided by the built-in fans is excellent, although they may be a little loud at times.

MUSETEX Phantom 907 (Image credit: Amazon)

MUSETEX Phantom 907

Runner-Up Best RGB PC Case


Brand: MUSETEX | Case Form Factor: Mid-Tower | Case Material: Tempered Glass + ABS + Steel chassis | Motherboard Support: E-ATX / ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX | Drive Bay: Three 2.5’’ & Three 3.5” | GPU Clearance: 380 mm | CPU Clearance: 160 mm | PSU Clearance: 200 mm | RGB Fans: Six 120 mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Radiator Compatibility: 240 mm | Weight: 18 pounds | Dimensions: 17.13 x 8.07 x 17.16 inches


Six pre-installed RGB fans

Remote control music light

Solid build with thick translucent tempered glass


No SSD bays included

No headphone jack on the front panel

MUSETEX builds the most aesthetically stunning and budget-friendly chassis in the market. You cannot ask for anything more than a voice-activated fan with remote control in an RGB case that has everything to showcase your hardware. The chassis’ front has a honeycomb structure and a glass panel to ensure that the three beautiful RGB fans are visible from the inside. The front panel also features a USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports.

There is no doubt that MUSETEX makes a budget-friendly computer chassis with maximum features in one roof. The apparent consequence of low cost is the use of material. Side panel glass is thin compared to high-end RGB PC cases. The top cover has a dust filter, but the fans are meant to exhaust instead of intake. The addition of rubber grommets would have been excellent, but the holes for cabling also get the job done. The fans are not programmable, nor the RGB with the motherboard, so you are dependent on manual manipulation with the remote.

MUSETEX Phantom 907 chassis are made from black color sheet metal, and the bare bone material is also black. The RGB lighting comes with three modes: symphony, horse racing, and static. The user can select them using the remote control. The computer case has all the flexibility you need; it can fit an E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, and a Mini-ITX motherboard with ease. The support for three 3.5” HDD and three 2.5” SSD is the max you can get pre-installed in a mid-tower chassis. It is the best RGB case in a budget and can reasonably be awarded as the Runner-Up best RGB PC case.

AeroCool Klaw (Image credit: Amazon)

AeroCool Klaw

Best Budget RGB PC Case


Brand: AeroCool | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: SPCC + ABS | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX | Drive Bay: 2x Internal “2.5/3.5” & 4x Internal 2.5" | GPU Clearance: 370 mm | CPU Clearance: 164 mm | PSU Clearance: 182 mm | RGB Fans: Three 120 mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Radiator Compatibility: 280 mm | Weight: 18.76 pounds | Dimensions: 18.15 x 8.98 x 17.52 inches


10-port hub with PWM functions included

Enough space for AIO liquid cooling solutions

Excellent ventilation with dual-chamber design


No bottom fan

ATX Motherboards are a tight fit

If you are looking for a subtle lighting design for a chassis, AeroCool Klaw sits amongst the best RGB cases. The chassis somewhat has a D-shape. The intake is provided on both sides of the front panel with a triangular mesh design. Complete assembly has a black look with clear glass on the side. The manufacturing material is high-end cold-rolled carbon steel sheets, known mainly as SPCC, and high-quality ABS plastic. The chassis comes with two 120 mm addressable subtle RGB fans on the top and one 120mm RGB fan on the PC case’s rear.

The chassis looks like a black beast sitting on the top of your desk, but the legs are chromed and do not go with the RGB PC case’s dark theme. The PCI slots at the back need to be screwed in, and there is no screwless or thumb screw option. Since the chassis belongs to the budget category, the sheet metal thickness is slightly on the lower side. There is one USB 3.0 port; it would have been nice to have more. The reset button is missing, but the addition of the RGB button is beneficial.

The RGB looks like a ring and is bright enough to be visible to anyone walking in. The front of the chassis is unique, with its RGB strips. All of the RGB on the chassis is addressable using a 10-port hub with PWM functions. The RGBs can be synced with your motherboard using an MSI Mystic Light Sync and ASUS Aura Sync. A PSU shroud on the bottom of the chassis separates PSU heat and provides space for shoving in all the cabling that is unutilized or causing clutter in the chassis. This chassis is the Best Budget RGB PC case that you can find online.

Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601 (Image credit: Amazon)

Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601

Best High-End RGB Case


Brand: ASUS | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Aluminum + Alloy Steel | Motherboard Support: E-ATX / ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX | Drive Bay: 2 x Int x 2.5”/3.5” Combo Bay & 4 x Int x 2.5” Bay | GPU Clearance: 450 mm | CPU Clearance: 190 mm | PSU Clearance: 220 mm | RGB Fans: Four 140 mm Fans | USB Version: 3.1 | Radiator Compatibility: 420 mm | Weight: 39.6 pounds | Dimensions: 22.24 x 9.8 x 23.26 inches


Three removable dust filters

Woven-cotton carry handles

Two vertical or three horizontal GPUs mounting


No damping

Infeasible handles

If you are into all the latest and top-notch tech and most of the peripherals you own/buy are from the latest generation, then this chassis is for you. It has all the latest features housed in a premium quality material. Asus is a big name, and its products have users across the globe. ASUS ROG Strix Helios GX601 is one of their best High-End cases with RGB effects. The ROG style is a trademark, and the chassis has a renowned logo on the front panel. Asus features one of the best RGB controls in the business; you can select your favorite effect from twelve available options and make your chassis stand out in the crowd. The front panel is amazing with one USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 2, four USB 3.1 Type-A Gen 1 ports, and LED & Fan Control Buttons.

Quality comes with a premium cost, but the chassis has enough support for all your hardware needs. The chassis is 39.6 pounds, and the carry handles are challenging to get the hang of; one hand carrying is not possible. The innovative way of incorporating handles is unique. There are only two drive bays for the 3.5” HDD, but because most users are now switching towards 2.5” or M.2 SSDs lower drive, bays means larger space for other necessary hardware. Even though being highly expensive, the chassis only comes with non-RGB fans despite being an RGB case.

A 420mm AIO liquid cooling radiator can easily be fitted into the casing. There is enough space for a liquid cooling reservoir. The chassis can house up to 11 fans on the fan mounting brackets. The cable management is premium with a translucent rear panel and a multi-function cover that features GPU support brackets. It has an easy to carry handle to transport the 110lbs load safely. It has sufficient space to house 9 storage devices. All the entrances are covered with high quality easy to clean dust filters. The tempered glass is full to allow maximum view angle for your aesthetic product.

Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M (Image credit: Amazon)

Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M

Best RGB Micro ATX Case


Brand: Antec | Case Form Factor: Micro-ATX | Case Material: SPCC + Plastic | Motherboard Support: Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX | Drive Bay: Two 3.5"/2.5" & Two 2.5" | GPU Clearance: 360 mm | CPU Clearance: 160 mm | PSU Clearance: 170 mm | RGB Fans: One non-RGB fan | USB Version: 3.0 | Radiator Compatibility: 280 mm | Weight: 10.8 pounds | Dimensions: 8.27 x 16.54 x 15.83 inches


Modern and sleek aesthetics

Full show off for internal components

Removable side panels for easy installation


No carry handles

Loose screw-less drive mounting.

We reviewed some of the top ATX compatible chassis, but many gamers would consider smaller-sized computers. The amount of expansion slots is also limited in Micro-ATX motherboards. Still, it improves overall productivity, and if you are not a power user, then Micro-ATX is the best motherboard and chassis you could pick. Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M is a unique looking case. The front panel has a gorgeous looking RGB on a panel that looks like something from a sci-fi movie. The tempered glass side panel makes sure that your computer is the first thing that is eye-catching for the person entering your room.

The chassis is stunning, and for its price point, the material is also great. Certain things could have improved the overall value of the chassis. The thumbscrews are no longer included in the package. The tool-less drive bays fasteners are not a tight fit and cause vibration. One of the SSD mounts is on the motherboard tray and requires removal to change or replace. Rubber grommets would have been an excellent addition to cable management. The motherboard’s eight-pin motherboard power supply cable remains in the front due to a lack of cable management holes. There is only one 120mm in the case’s rear end, but it doesn’t have RGB lighting.

The tempered side panel is easy to remove and has a smart groove design to ensure that the glass is removed securely without any damage. It allows frequent access to the internals of your case. There is significant clearance for the installation of graphic cards, air-cooled CPUs, and PSU. The bottom is a perforated plate with a filter to ensure enough air reaches the essential hardware and keep it cool. The front panel has all you need two USB 3.0 and mic/headphone ports. The power button, reset button, and led control button are also included on the front panel to ensure ease of access.

darkFlash Phantom DR12 (Image credit: Amazon)

darkFlash Phantom DR12

Worth Considering RGB Case


Brand: DarkFlash | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Tempered Glass + Alloy Steel | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro-ATX / ITX | Drive Bay: Two 3.5” and Two 2.5” | GPU Clearance: 359 mm | CPU Clearance: 174 mm | PSU Clearance: 160 mm | RGB Fans: Four RGB fans and Two non-RGB fans | USB Version: 3.0 | Radiator Compatibility: 280 mm | Weight: 22 pounds | Dimensions: 24.2 x 22 x 11.8 inches


Seven vertical PCI slots

High quality three-sided tempered glass

Significant Clearances for essential hardware


No removable drive bay

Limited space for modular PSU

If you have nothing to hide inside your chassis and all your components speak performance, looks, and swag, look nowhere else; this is the perfect choice for people who love to flaunt their hardware. This mid-tower chassis comes with three full tempered glass. At this price point, the inclusion of six pre-installed fans is beyond comprehension. DarkFlash has included four 120mm RGB fans on the front and two 120mm fans in the rear to provide enough cooling for all your gaming and content creation needs.

DarkFlash Phantom DR12 chassis has everything you can ask for, but there are some things you might need to consider before buying. The drive bay is not removable, so you cannot achieve the minimalist look you desire. The PSU clearance is not high enough to support a modular component. The cable management is also a bit tedious since no rubber guards on cable holes, and the fan wiring that comes with the package looks unclean. Fan wiring needs to be redone to improve the aesthetics of your assembled rig.

The chassis has enough room to support a 280mm radiator in PC case you are into liquid cooling. The CPU clearance is also large enough for gamers looking to install a 174mm air-based CPU cooler. All the latest GPUs, including the longest RTX 3090, can also easily fit within the 375 mm clearance offered by this case. The Front panel also takes the lead with two USB 3.0 connections and two USB 2.0 connections. The RGB control, power, and reset button are all present on the comprehensive front panel. This chassis is the ultimate housing for your beast gaming components and is a chassis Worth Considering RGB Case.

Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D

Best Premium Case for RGB Fans


Brand: Corsair | Case Form Factor: Super-Tower | Case Material: Steel+ Aluminum+Tempered Glass | Motherboard Support: Two Motherboard E-ATX with Mini-ITX | Drive Bay: (x6) 2.5in (x5) 3.5in | GPU Clearance: 400 mm | CPU Clearance: 180 mm | PSU Clearance: 225 mm | RGB Fans: ?? | USB Version: 3.1 | Radiator Compatibility: 420 mm | Weight: 65 pounds | Dimensions: 27.3 x 12.1 x 27.4 inches


Triple chamber design

Future proof connectivity

Provides up to 18 fans and four radiators mounting


No pre-installed fan


There are categories of chassis, some are budget-friendly, and some are made for high-end PCs. If you want to explore some bizarre category, take a look at the Super-Tower chassis Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D made to impress. This case is meant for enthusiasts, and it speaks enthusiast edition too. This case is the Best Premium Case for RGB Fans. This beast is made to incorporate a full-sized E-ATX motherboard with a Mini-ITX. The two gaming PCs can let you stream through one motherboard and play high-end AAA category games on the other hardware. The chassis has slidable trays that allow ease in the installation of RGB fans. The chassis comes with a rotatable GPU bracket that can be used to mount graphic cards vertically or horizontally.

The chassis is everything a professional gamer or online streamer could ask. The combination of two desktops into one is a big plus, but the chassis is expensive. It would have been great if RGB fans were included in the box. The package also does not include any RGB strips or AIO liquid solution. The product is strictly targeted at premium product users. The case is humongous, but it still cannot fit two 480mm cooling radiators, requiring high-end overclockers. There is also no room for the installation of two reservoirs.

The chassis comes with Corsair Commander Pro Control that allows full software control over your attached FANS and RGB. The rear of the chassis has a small chamber with doors to allow cable management. You would not need any cable management skills for building a PC with this chassis. On the same door, you can mount eight SSD drives and five 3.5” drives. The tempered glass on the front and the two swing door tempered glass doors on the sides are made from premium hinges. It allows ease of access and long-lasting performance. The front panel has four USB 3.0 and two USB 3.1 Type-C ports, RGB lit to improve the bland aesthetics for connectivity. Power for the prime motherboard is on the top, and there is another power button at the back for the secondary motherboard.

InWin A1 Plus (Image credit: Amazon)

InWin A1 Plus

Best RGB Mini-ITX Case


Brand: IN WIN | Case Form Factor: Mini ITX Tower | Case Material: SECC + Tempered Glass | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX | Drive Bay: 2 x 2.5" | GPU Clearance: 320 mm | CPU Clearance: 160 mm | PSU Clearance: 210 mm | RGB Fans: Two Sirius Loop ASL120 120mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Radiator Compatibility: ?? | Weight: 16.7 pounds | Dimensions: 13.5 x 8.27 x 9.09 inches


650W PSU included

Compact and aesthetically pleasing

Wireless Charging for mobile and gamic mic included


No space for HDD installation

Tricky to install for beginners

InWin A1 Plus is the best RGB Mini-ITX Case. Considering the chassis’ small size, it comes with a 650W 80 Plus Gold PSU, which is enough. The top panel contains a 10W Wireless Qi charger. At a reasonable price, it comes with two Sirius Loop ASL120 120mm RGB case fans. Even if we put the economic feasibility aside and look at the chassis’ mesmerizing look, we would pay the amount and get one for ourselves. The unique way of incorporating RGB lighting will surely catch everyone’s eye. The tinted transparent stand is made from explicit material, ensuring that the RGB lightning gets through to the user.

The chassis is compact and as expected, getting the components in it is a bit tricky, but the square shape helps. The PSU is screwed to the shroud, and getting a new PSU means getting rid of the shroud. The wireless charger could have been of a higher power, but it wouldn’t be a problem for most users as long as it does the job. The top of the chassis is made from acrylic material and attracts fingerprints. Cable management is easy, but the inclusion of zip ties could have been a good addition.

The case has good thermals and maintains the hardware temperature in a controlled range, and the PSU is powerful enough to accommodate two GPUs. Its square-shaped design allows comfortable and hassle-free installation of a 160 mm CPU cooler. The Sirius Loop ARGB has a ring light RGB, which looks gorgeous when it pierces through the tinted tempered glass on the side panel. Chassis has a honeycomb-like structure on one side to enhance the look. Everything from the choice of material to the manufacturing process is premium.


Chassis come in different sizes and shapes, but the one most suitable for you cannot be decided on the size or a particular con. If you are confused, then try to list down your requirements after going through our review. Then pick out the essentials from the list and note which PC case includes those features.

It would help if you wanted some RGB effects without sacrificing performance and durability along with no waste of money. It means you have to pick a comprehensive PC Case with RGB with significant consideration. So you can take advantage of our experience-based reviews. It will make your choice easier. Deciding on a budget also makes decision making a breeze. Buying the most expensive chassis could also end you with a missing feature in your build.

Buying and selecting a chassis should be the last thing you do when building a gaming rig or content creation PC. It will help you shorten the research time. If you are a heavy streamer, then go for the Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D among the best RGB PC Case; it has all the features you would need to have a stable gaming PC that can stream flawlessly without any lags or glitches. If you want a smart portable gaming PC, then InWin A1 Plus is the best choice. Choosing the best RGB case might be overwhelming, but a smart purchase helps you own a future compatible chassis and save money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do gamers love RGB?

Most gamers presumably like RGB lighting since it allows them to express themselves. The ability to transform a mass-produced item into one that seems more distinctive or personalized. A gaming keyboard with RGB lights may be more than simply a tool.

Is RGB good for gaming?

While the primary purpose of a backlit RGB gaming display is purely aesthetic, it might have unanticipated effects on the gaming experience. The RGB LEDs on the rear of gaming displays have a functional purpose, from boosting contrast to lowering eye strain.

Does a gaming PC case matter?

You don’t need to clean the case, but you need to clean the whole PC. There is a location for the components to be kept together, but it is protected. Yes, it matters but only for those who think.