Best Unique PC Cases

Your PC reflects well of your choice and contributes a lot to your personality. Sometimes you may like to look different. As a Gamer or a smart user, you may want to pick something special that makes heads turn? We have reviewed some outstanding and cool pc cases on our website, but all of the chassis we have featured are based on traditional design philosophy. We thought it would be a great idea to introduce you to the unusual casing. We believe you are amongst the people who want to stand out in the crowd and own a computer that visually speaks creativity. In that case, the products mentioned below will help you attain the attention you seek through unique PC cases.

The particular computer cases featured are worth uploading on Instagram and letting your friends/family know who is all about swag. Traditional PC cases tend to have the same look, to put it simply, a boxed-shaped structure made from sheet metal. The growing demand for aesthetics in computer hardware has led manufacturers to think out of the box and offer unique shapes. You might not be familiar with some of the chassis brands that we will review but Trust us! We only review high-quality products worth your money.

There are steel tubing’s, D-shaped structure, truss-based sheet structure, open bench glass-covered chassis, and many more. All designs are meant to turn heads and ensure that you have owned one of the most stylish and compact PC cases. Similar to traditional chassis, you would need your cool computer case to do performance work as well, and our shopping tips will help you get the best product:

Quick Shopping Tips

Motherboard Support: We cannot emphasize enough the importance of buying the best fit chassis for your motherboard size. Be sure you are purchasing the compatible chassis for your selected motherboard.

Radiator Compatibility: If you look to put an AIO cooling solution inside your cool PC case, you definitely need some space for the radiator. Ensure that your radiator size is a fit for the PC case.

GPU Clearance: Buying a computer case with no GPU is certainly not the best look. The latest GPUs in the market are huge and require significant clearance inside the chassis for proper cooling.

CPU Clearance: Hardcore gamers and content creators that do not like the extra hardware due to AIO liquid cooling require an air-based cooler. They have significant heights when installed on motherboards. CPU clearance should be enough to support high-end coolers.

Front Panel: Front panel is the most crucial feature that will be detrimental to your decision-making. The front panel should support USB’s latest generation, essential buttons, indicators, and ports to ensure the latest peripheral connectivity.

Unique PC Cases at a glance:

  1. Lian Li PC-O11DX
  2. InWin D-Frame 2.0
  3. Cougar CONQUER
  4. Corsair Carbide SPEC-Omega
  5. Thermaltake Core P3
  6. Thermaltake Versa N24
  7. Silverstone SG12
  8. Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB

The Best Unique PC Cases You Can Buy Today

Lian Li PC-O11DX (Image credit: Amazon)

Lian Li PC-O11DX

Best High-End Unique PC Case


Brand: Lian Li | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Tempered Glass + Aluminum | Motherboard Support: E-ATX / ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX | Storage Capacity: Four 2.5” SSD / Two 3.5” HDD | GPU Clearance: 420mm | CPU Clearance: 155mm | PSU Clearance: 255mm | Expansion Slots: 8 | USB Version: 3.1 | Radiator Compatibility: 360mm | Weight: 26.2 pounds | Dimensions: 20.5 x 14.4 x 22.2 inches


Support up to 6 SSD and 3 HDD

Mountable for up to three 360 Radiators

Double layer cable management design


No pre-installed fans

Huge and heavy

Lian Li PC-O11DX is one of the unique computer cases in every aspect as the best high-end and unique PC case. The ease of access, mobility, and material consideration for this unique PC case is all top-notch. Lian Li is fairly experienced in making chassis for high-end PCs. This time they went on to make a PC case for enthusiasts, an elite group of people who want to flaunt their PC build skills and looking for some unusual builds. It is not a chassis for those who are not interested in building a special rig. It requires precision in everything from the fitting of components to cable management. The PC case is made to show off every element inside your chassis.

The glass is prone to smudging when taken off and on. The black sheet metal is also a fingerprint magnet, but all of these things seem manageable in front of the patented screw-less slide and lock design for side panel glass, front panel glass, and top cover. It provides hassle-free access to the hardware. The top is screw-less, but users have reported difficulty in sliding it into place. The case does not have large flow rates, and fans are also not included at this price point, but this unusual computer case is made for showing liquid cooling.

The fan has a lot of room for fans, and 360mm liquid cooling can easily fit into the large room offered by these cool pc cases. You can use transparent tubing and an O11D Distro Plate G1, which acts as the coolant reservoir but still looks stunning inside the chassis. The chassis is meant for liquid cooling, but the manufacturer has allotted enough space above the CPU to allow high profile CPU air-based coolers. The front panel offers USB-C and USB-A 3.1 versions. The chassis includes a pump and liquid cooling setup that supports up to one CPU block and two GPU blocks.  Users are delighted with their choice among the crazy pc cases.

InWin D-Frame 2.0 (Image credit: Amazon)

InWin D-Frame 2.0

Best Premium Unique PC Case


Brand: IN WIN | Case Form Factor: Full Tower | Case Material: Reinforced Steel Tube + Aluminium + Tempered Glass | Motherboard Support: E-ATX/ ATX / Micro-ATX | Storage Capacity: Four 2.5” SSD / Four 3.5” HDD | GPU Clearance: 415mm | CPU Clearance: 165mm | PSU Clearance: 210mm (pre-included) | Expansion Slots: 8 | USB Version: 3.1 | Radiator Compatibility: 360mm | Weight: 49.5 Pounds | Dimensions: 28.6 x 10.4 x 21.6 inches


The open frame structure for full airflow

Great combination of glass and aluminum

Flexible for HDD and cooling fans customization


No RGB effects

No Noise Reduction

Extreme sports are now not limited to driving motorbikes off mountains and high-speed car chases on race tracks. If you want to give your gaming rig the extreme high-end crazy computer case look, then InWin D-Frame 2.0 is the case that can make your computer hardware turn into a beast machine. The sporty look is inspired by off-road motorcycles' structure using pipes. The overall chassis looks like a part of an air-cooled engine. The chassis looks unique and offers prominent features to ensure top performance, and it is the best Premium Unique PC Case.

The chassis looks stunning, but it is prone to a lot of dust accumulation. The lack of filters requires an air-conditioned space for this cool computer case. The chassis has a D-shape, which is a bit hard for beginners to understand and install cooling kits with tubing. The premium bucks are largely for the looks and effort used in designing the chassis. It looks solid and supports E-ATX motherboards. The radiator compatibility is also limited to 360mm. The open casing will impose limitations to noise reduction techniques, which will make it a loud rig.

Another factor that makes it an amazing PC case is its 92% efficiency 1065W power supply to ensure enough juice is supplied to the high-end hardware in a weird way and we mean weird in the right way. The chassis is front suction and top exhaust designed, and tubes are TIG welded to ensure stability, and the quick-release fasteners allow ease of customization. It supports up to five 120mm fans. Also, the front panel has a USB 3.1 Type-C connection and three USB 3.0 Type-A connections. Due to these specs and features, include them in the list of unique computer cases.

Cougar CONQUER (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Mid-Range Unique PC Case


Brand: Cougar gaming | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Aluminum Alloy | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX | Storage Capacity: Four 2.5" SSD / Three 3.5" HDD | GPU Clearance: 350mm | CPU Clearance: 190mm | PSU Clearance: 220mm | Expansion Slots: 7 | USB Version: 3.0 | Radiator Compatibility: 360mm | Weight: 30.9 pounds | Dimensions: 10 x 27 x 23 inches


Three pre-installed fans

Provides seven expansion slots

Excellent support for water and air cooling

Durable with two 5mm-thick tempered glass side panels



No dust filters

We love the Cougar CONQUER chassis from every angle; this PC case is recognized among the extraordinary PC cases, and it is the Best Mid-Range Unique PC Case. The way sheet metal has been used, incorporating truss aesthetics with aluminum framing, makes it look like a stylish masterpiece. It would dominate your gaming setup, and it’s worth sharing over on Instagram. The beast is made for liquid cooling and customization. The chassis comes with three pre-installed 120mm LED fans and support for a 360mm liquid cooling radiator, depending on where you install it.

The open-frame is attractive, but they come at a cost. If you are buying an open case, you need to consider the dust accumulation factor and the noise factor. You cannot restrict dust through filters, and noise dampening cannot be placed in the chassis due to the design. The design is for modders and leaves traditional design models in the past. The motherboard placement and storage device placement is not easy as this rig is meant for experienced builders. The cost is premium, but it’s for the design and innovation in the manufacturing process for cool pc cases.

The glass panel has no inflowing problem air over the hardware. The durability of the chassis is also quite strong. The aluminum alloy frame is CNC milled to ensure fine details are not missed, and sheet metal has a premium finish that speaks out for itself. The 5mm thick tempered glass is made of high quality and doesn’t catch scratches easily. It is a dream PC chassis that every enthusiast wants to own and show off. The support for seven storage devices is also sufficient for any modern-day gamer who loves unique computer cases. You can pick any of these for extraordinary performance.

Corsair Carbide SPEC-Omega (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair Carbide SPEC-Omega

Best Overall Unique PC Case


Brand: Corsair | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Steel + Tempered Glass | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX | Storage Capacity: Three 2.5” SSD / Two 3.5” HDD | GPU Clearance: 370mm | CPU Clearance: 170mm | PSU Clearance: 180mm | Expansion Slots: 7 | USB Version: 3.0 | Radiator Compatibility: 360mm | Weight: 17.09 lbs | Dimensions: 19.49 x 9.12 x 20.3 inches


Provides versatile cooling options

Durable, stylish, and customizable

Spacious Interior is most extensive for Modifications.


No dust filter for top

No Tooless Entry from Glass Panel

You might not think that Corsair will go for any design out of the books. The Corsair Carbide SPEC-Omega has everything besides being anything traditional. This chassis is the best Overall Unique PC Case, and it is designed for sufficient and efficient airflow with suction from the front and exhaust from the top. The cherry enhances the aesthetics on top 30 RGB LEDs in the front, and two 120mm fans included with the chassis. The chassis is large enough to fit a 360mm radiator on the front or a 240mm on the chassis’ top.

The chassis’ front makes it look like a crazy PC case, but it does have a downside. The small mesh plate is the only way for the intake air, which increases the requirement of static pressure for fans or high RPMs. Either way, if you are using an air-based cooling system, you will face heating issues. This chassis is made to be used with liquid cooling. The room for PSU is too low; it only fits a 180mm length. The chassis is as modern as they can get, but it is missing a crewless entry. The side glass panel requires tools for removal.

The asymmetrical design somehow works to make it look unique and weird PC case at the same time. The use of steel and tempered glass ensure that the whole rig is durable and tough against scratches. The interior of the chassis is very spacious to allow customization. The pre-installed compartment for 2.5” and 3.5” storage devices are well managed to leave room for cable management. The case ranked high due to rear specs and features. The IOs are outstanding, and overall the front looks minimalistic, which entitled it among the cool PC cases.

Thermaltake Core P3 (Image credit: Amazon)

Thermaltake Core P3

Best Runner-Up Unique PC Case


Brand: Thermaltake | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: SPCC | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX | Storage Capacity: Three 2.5" SSD / Three 3.5" HDD | GPU Clearance: 450mm | CPU Clearance: 180mm | PSU Clearance: 200mm | Expansion Slots: 8 | USB Version: 3.0 | Radiator Compatibility: 420mm | Weight: 27 pounds | Dimensions: 21.3 x 7.3 x 21.6 inches


Easy Cable Management

Vertical Mounting for ITX motherboards

Built with fully transparent and unscratchable glass


Bad instruction manual

Noisy due to Open Air design

If you are looking to build a piece of art, then Thermaltake Core P3 is the canvas where you want to show off your skills, and it is the best Runner-Up Unique PC case. The chassis is an open-air design with a glass shield in the front. You can show off our high-end PC components, which are visually pleasing. This chassis will ensure every corner of your build is visible and provide a rigid base to incorporate all the heavy components. The chassis can easily be mounted on the wall to free up your entire gaming table. The strategically placed rubber grommet allows routing of cables easy to manage. This chassis is meant to showcase AIO cooler tubes.

Like any other open-air bench designs, this chassis requires some skills to manage as the cable routing is easily visible and liquid cooling tubes are exposed. This chassis does not fit an E-ATX motherboard. The chassis does not come with a wall-mount and needs to be purchased separately. Users have reported difficulty opening the back panel of the case, and the opening is not clearly stated in the instruction, so check out YouTube videos to get it. It’s a noisy case if you have coil whining issues and loud cooling fans.

The material used is the high end, which makes the chassis heavy. The open design ensures that enough air passes through the components to keep the thermals under controlled values. This open case collects less dust than the closed type computer chassis, which is an added advantage. The GPU clearance is massive 450mm, large enough to house any of the market’s biggest Titan GPUs. The case’s size is huge for large components to fit inside and allow room for aesthetic experimentation, a critical part of the unique computer cases.

Thermaltake Versa N24 (Image credit: Amazon)

Thermaltake Versa N24

Best Unique Budget PC Case


Brand: Thermaltake Versa | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: SPCC | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX | Storage Capacity: Two 2.5” SSD / Three 3.5” HDD | GPU Clearance: 415mm | CPU Clearance: 155mm | PSU Clearance: 200mm | Expansion Slots: 7 | USB Version: 3.0 | Radiator Compatibility: 280mm | Weight: 16.7 pounds | Dimensions: 23.6 x 23 x 12.3 inches


Vast storage options

Advanced ventilation system

Good Airflow with room for five fans


No fan on the front

Low-Quality Pre-Installed Fan

Thermaltake Versa N24 is for you if you are new to custom PC building and inexperienced in assembling parts. The looks of this chassis land it in modern and impressive computer cases but due to some pretty standard installation procedure, it lands as the best Unique Budget PC Case. The mid-tower chassis comes with a pre-installed 120mm fan and supports liquid cooling and CPU cooling. GPU has significant space and can easily fit any top of the line GPU like the RTX 3090. The power button is on top of the case, along with one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 Type-A ports.

The front panel is missing the latest USB Type-C port’s latest generation, essential to the new peripherals and a slow, long-lasting market. The material is not the best in the business, but it’s sturdy enough to ensure stable performance. The side panel window is not fully displayed as some sheet metal covers part of the opening, but it shows off essential equipment required for power users. The diagnostic LEDs and RGBs are visible clearly through the acrylic. Access to an optical drive is impossible unless the panel is taken off; it does not swing open motion.

This chassis is recommended for mid-range PCs that use a Ryzen CPU and wraith cooler. RGBs on a RAM will also be visible through the glass. The chassis’s overall space allows a 280mm radiator to fit inside it, and CPU clearance is long enough to allow the high profile air-based cooler installation. The cable management is easy to work around, and the power supply is adequately hidden. Its unique looks give your gaming PC a spaceship look and enlist it in the unique pc cases.

Silverstone SG12 (Image credit: Amazon)

Silverstone SG12

Best Unique Micro ATX Case


Brand: Silverstone | Case Form Factor: Micro-ATX | Case Material: Aluminum front panel + Steel body | Motherboard Support: Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX / Mini-DTX | Storage Capacity: Nine 2.5” SSD / Three 3.5” HDD | GPU Clearance: 338mm | CPU Clearance: 82mm | PSU Clearance: 370mm | Expansion Slots: 4 | USB Version: 3.0 | Radiator Compatibility: No Liquid Cooling Space | Weight: 14.12 pounds | Dimensions: 10.47 x 8.27 x 16.22 inches


Compatible with all modern GPUs

Built-in handlebar for easy transport

Power and reset buttons on the front panel.


No option for bottom fan

No headphone jack on the front panel

If you are a fan of the clean look and minimalist design, then Silverstone SG12 will get you hooked on the look. This cool PC case is small and made from high-quality material. The front panel is aluminum, and the body is made from steel. The chassis is the best Unique Micro ATX Case and can be used as an entertainment system or a small mid-range gaming PC. The applications for this size are limitless. Storage capacity on this thing is beyond imagination for this size. It can house nine 2.5” drives and three 3.5” drives.

The small size does impose some restrictions on hardware. You cannot install a cool liquid radiator inside the chassis, and CPU clearance is deficient, 82mm, to be precise. The lack of air space inside the chassis does cause some thermal overloads but not to the point of being critical for hardware. Installation is also a bit tricky since the space inside the case is limited, and cable routing is complicated. The power supply is the sole exhaust on which the whole system depends for letting the heat out.

It is an excellent chassis for being in such a compact size. The front panel of the case has a built-in handlebar that allows portability. Unlike the high-end chassis, it has a drive bay for a 5.25” hardware. The case supports installing an ATX power supply and allows plugging in the latest GPUs with high length. The GPU clearance on this chassis is 338mm, and most of the brands in the market have GPUs below this length. It’s a semi-portable small case among unique pc cases.

Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB

Best Unique PC Case for Performance


Brand: Corsair | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Steel + Tempered Glass | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro-ATX | Storage Capacity: Four 2.5” SSD / Three 3.5” HDD | GPU Clearance: 330mm | CPU Clearance: 180mm | PSU Clearance: 225mm | Expansion Slots: 8 + 2 vertical | USB Version: 3.1 | Radiator Compatibility: 360mm | Weight: 25.5 pounds | Dimensions: 16.65 x 13.54 x 19.88 inches


Flexible for tool-less drive mounts

Dual Chambered for Cable Management

Supports up to eight fans and four radiators


No 5.25” Drive Bay

Extra bright RGB

If you are looking for a standard installation system in a cool PC case, then Corsair has a solution. A chassis with enough see-through glass to make sure all that RGB shines right through the transparent body. The chassis also has a small boxed section, allowing all the cabling to be easily routed and kept away from the eyes. The case is beautiful and allows a storage capacity of four 2.5” drives and three 3.5” HDD. This chassis is the best Unique PC Case for performance.

The Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB size is very large and would cause miss-proportion with your setup. So consider the size when you buy it. The price is on the higher side, but it’s due to the high-end material used. The exhaust fan is non-RGB, and the fan’s acoustic performance is not up to the mark. The chassis is pretty heavy, and a light gaming table won’t take up the weight. For its price point, it should fit a 420mm radiator but only supports a 360mm.

Even though the liquid tubing cooling system would look gorgeous inside this crazy PC case, you also have the option of installing a high-end Air-cooling solution with 180mm clearance. The front panel has everything you, particularly USB 3 expect.1 Type C is already preinstalled on the front panel. The three tempered glass panels ensure that your hardware remains visible, and the hinged on the side panel provides ease of access. The chassis has a sound filtration system to keep the dust-out.


We have featured some unique PC cases meant for people looking to experiment with different gaming setup looks. These chassis are more about looks than functionality. We reviewed open bench designs, D shape designs, regular-shaped dual-chamber designs, and SFF cases to give you the idea and exposure to the computer case world. Some cases feature support for liquid cooling, while there is no support for air-based cooling for the CPU.

There were some chassis that came with a liquid cooling setup capable of cooling CPU and GPU both. The choice is mainly dependent on users' requirements. The open bench setup may seem prone to dust collection, but with good airflow, they tend to gather less dust than tower chassis with bad exhaustion and filtration. The number of expansion slots and support for different drives is also crucial to some users. The front panel, however, is the most used component of the chassis. We recommend that you go for a chassis with the latest USB and Type-C connection to ensure all your latest peripherals connect hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the coolest PC case?

If we are talking about the coolest PC case, Cougar Conquer quickly lands on the top spot. The open-air design chassis not only looks cool, but it also runs cool as well. The case has a unique design made from sheet metal and truss based structure. The two themed color tones also make them stand out.

What are the best looking PC cases?

In our opinion, we believe the best looking PC cases are open bench designs. If we picked out one PC case with great looks and priced reasonably, then it would be Thermaltake Core P3. It has enough clearances for big hardware and supports a 420mm liquid cooling setup.

What is the most expensive computer case?

Most expensive cases like the Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB are meant to give you the power of ultimate customization. The chassis are intentionally built with huge space inside to let you experiment with different looks and fit the largest possible hardware. The overall material quality used inexpensive cases is worth it.

Is an expensive PC case worth it?

Expensive unique cases in design and offer the box solution to installation problems are not meant for everyone. A noob builder might appreciate the PCcase’s looks, but using and maintaining such a case requires skills. We can take InWin D-Frame 2.0 as an example. The case has an off-road motorbike frame look, but it’s challenging to assemble, not the child’s play.