Best Pink PC Cases

The Pink PC case is one of the most demanded PC cases by gamers. The chassis color turns any rig into a cute but high-performing beast like Ditto from Pokemon. Designers have used unique ways to add a pink color touch to their cases; we will discuss them with the product. Besides being a visual treat for followers, the pink PC case needs to be functional and provide essential options to house high-end gaming or streaming hardware. Girls have made it to the top 10 list of streamers on Twitch. Pokimane, Amouranth, KittyPlaysGames, and Loserfruit have more than 1 Million followers on their Twitch account and across various platforms. Girls’ growing interest in shooter games and processor-intensive applications has led some manufacturers to design for girls.

The pink PC case should fundamentally have enough space inside to allow the installation of the latest hardware. The front panel’s connectivity should include the newest generation of USB ports, HD audio, and an appropriate mounting option for the motherboard. The presence of cable management inside the case can also provide ease of installation and a much cleaner look after assembly. The chassis could also have a glass window to peek into a streamer’s hardware configuration and improve aesthetics through RGB exposure. The airflow inside the chassis is significant for streamers, as gaming and streaming are too intense for hardware, thus producing a lot of heat. To help you decide on the pink PC case, read our shopping tips:

Quick Shopping Tips:

Color Accent: You will notice that some cases have pink accents with black interior, and some are pink from the interior to exterior. We can choose between the options that suit better with your system theme.

Connectivity: Most chassis come with a front panel or PCI express extension. Be sure you buy the chassis compatible with your peripherals; if you use USB Type-C or USB 3.1, look for the chassis supporting them.

Hardware Clearance: Big gaming components require space for their electronic board, heat sinks, and airflow. So be sure that the hardware you choose for your rig fits the case you finalize. Carefully analyze the available clearances for each case.

Fans: The PC case comes with pre-installed fans, and the size of the fan, noise level, RGB, and color may be of interest to you. We will mention rotation speeds also to assist your decision-making.

Cable Management: As a streamer or gamer, you will flaunt your gaming rig to the world and wouldn’t want cable mess to get in the way. Chassis come with unique ways to manage cables; we will mention how each case manages cables.

Pink PC Cases at a glance:

  1. Apevia Crusader-F-PK
  2. Golden Field MAGE-P
  3. Apevia Predator-PK
  4. Apevia Genesis Pro
  5. InWin A1 Plus
  6. Apevia Aura-F-PK
  7. Apevia PRODIGY-PK
  8. SilverStone SG13P

The Pink PC Cases You Can Buy Today

Apevia Crusader-F-PK (Image credit: Amazon)

Apevia Crusader-F-PK

Best Overall Pink PC Case


Brand: Apevia | Pink Color: Exterior Accent | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Metal + Tempered Glass window | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro ATX / ITX | Drive Bay: 0+2+2 | GPU Clearance: 350mm | CPU Clearance: 165mm | **PSU Clearance:**140mm | Radiator Compatibility: 360mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 13 pounds | Dimensions: 15.5 x 8 x 18 inches


Four 120mm RGB fans included

Supports up to three 360mm radiators

Pink Accent with Black Painted Interior


No front thermometer

No power supply included

Apevia has manufactured a chassis that looks like a character out of Pokemon. A massive grill on the front that blends in with the design looks great but has an important function. The grill allows large airflow from the front to the back and top of the chassis. The case has a significant room inside the metal housing. You can fit the largest GPU available in the market within the 350mm clearance. The CPU clearance is also high enough to allow any high-end air-based cooler inside it. The best overall pink PC Case Apevia Crusader-F-PK has a smoked glass to allow a peek inside the gaming beast you have built.

The case is made with high-quality material, but the motherboard’s holes are offset from the actual motherboard mounting, making assembly a bit tricky. The RGB lighting is not addressable via motherboard software; it independently operates but still, the quality of RGB supersedes the inability to sync with mobos. The chassis can only install a 360mm radiator, while some power users might require the 420mm radiators. Users have reported that the chassis is overall well made for cable management, but the wires could have been hidden better if there was more space around the edge.

The three RGB fans on the front and one RGB fan at the back will make your case stand out. Lightning modes are selected easily through a button on the front panel. The case comes with a caging and dust filter to avoid dust accumulation, and the front panel has the option of one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, and HD audio jacks. A liquid cooling kit could easily be fitted inside with a liquid reservoir. The PSU shroud is also included, allowing space to hide away cable and avoid PSU heat to reach other components via compartmentalization.

Golden Field MAGE-P (Image credit: Amazon)

Golden Field MAGE-P

Best Runner-Up Pink PC Case


Brand: Golden Field | Pink Color: Interior and Exterior | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Tempered Glass & SPCC | Motherboard Support: ATX / MATX / ITX | Drive Bay: ??? | GPU Clearance: 320mm | CPU Clearance: 165mm | PSU Clearance: 140mm | Radiator Compatibility: 360mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 20.8 pounds | Dimensions: 17.32 x 8.46 x 18.9 inches


Decent Pink Shade inside out

High-Quality SPCC metal sheet

Liquid Cooling ready and spacious for modding


Non-addressable LED fans

Low-quality pre-installed fans

If you are looking for all Pink and gorgeous looking casing with all the features a gaming PC will need, then the Golden Field MAGE-P is the right choice. The chassis has a sleek-looking exterior, which speaks elegance. The full window tempered glass gives a detailed view of your hardware. The glass windows are a push and pull design that allows easy-to-handle assembly. The glass is reinforced with steel plates to ensure durability. The dimensions inside the chassis are relatively large. This pink PC case can house a GPU with 320mm, which is large enough to support the RTX 3080 Ti GPU.

Golden Field has made a beautiful case with a feminine touch, but it lacks some areas. The motherboard holes on the chassis are misaligned, which may cause difficulty in managing cables or installing the motherboard. Some users have reported that the pre-installed fans make rattling noise while operating and are of substandard quality. The LED fans have non-customizable non-addressable lightning, which might be of importance to some users. The paint is reported to be easily scratchable, and thumbscrews are not included.

The case is the best runner-Up pink PC case. The case is manufactured with a 0.7mm SPCC thick metal sheet, which will keep your chassis in shape during stress transport. The front panel comes with two USB 2.0 Type-A ports and a USB 3.0 Type-A port. The case has a removable mesh on the front panel, which allows ease in cleaning, and the overall build is substantial due to the choice of material/design. The space inside the chassis is large enough for good airflow and high-performance machines. The color is well blended and would be a treat for your eyes on the tabletop.

Apevia Predator-PK (Image credit: Amazon)

Apevia Predator-PK

Best Pink Mid-Tower PC Case


Brand: Apevia | Pink Color: Exterior Accent | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Metal Tempered glass window | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro ATX / ITX | Drive Bay: 0+3+2 | GPU Clearance: 350mm | CPU Clearance: 160mm | PSU Clearance: 140mm | Radiator Compatibility: 240mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 14.72 pounds | Dimensions: 15.94 x 7.91 x 17.13 inches


Pre-installed four RGB fans

Magnetic Mesh front removable for cleaning

Three 3.5” Drive and Two 2.5” Drive Support


Outdated Fan Connectors

No USB 3.1 Gen 2 port on I/O panel

Apevia has loads of choices for gamers who would want a feminine touch to their gaming beast. Apevia Predator-PK is one of the most functional chassis on our list; that is why we have given it the Best Pink Mid-Tower PC Case title. The honeycomb structure on the front is appealing to the eye with peak through to the three RGB fans, pre-installed with the chassis. There are also RGB fans installed at the back to ensure proper heat transfer. The case beautifully blends in pink color with a black interior.

The chassis has comparatively lower CPU clearance, which might not be suitable for high-end air coolers used for overclocking. The chassis is missing the Type-C port on the front panel. The reset button is used for controlling the RGB lighting inside the chassis, which is not maneuverable while you are gaming or working on your computer rig. The fans come with outdated connectors, which modern motherboards usually don’t support, but you can work around them to make them work.

The front panel of most Apevia cases is similar with two USB 2.0 Type-A and a USB 3.0 Type-A port, which is a requirement for all minimalists. The fans that come with the matter have gorgeously blended RGB lightning, and the smoked tempered glass on the side makes it stand out even more. The pink shade is also subtle and blends in well with the components and RGB. It can house 240mm radiators for a liquid cooling kit. The front mesh is removable to allow easy access to the RGB fans and cleaning of the mesh.

Apevia Genesis Pro (Image credit: Amazon)

Apevia Genesis Pro

Best RGB-Fans Pink PC Case


Brand: Apevia | Pink Color: Exterior | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Metal with Tempered glass | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro ATX / ITX | Drive Bay: 0+3+2 | GPU Clearance: 350mm | CPU Clearance: 160mm | PSU Clearance: 140mm | Radiator Compatibility: 240mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 16.12 pounds | Dimensions: 15.94 x 7.91 x 17.13 inches


Six pre-installed RGB fans inboxed

Best price/quality ratio, worth the price

Complete internal display with a high-quality tempered glass


No 480mm radiator support

No latest Generation USB 3.1

Suppose you love RGB and want to show it off on our rig while streaming. Make sure your viewers notice the powerhouse running in the background then Apevia Genesis Pro can get the job done. This chassis is made from two tempered glass windows—one on the front and one on the side. The gorgeous combination of pink and black makes it look stunning. It comes with pre-included SIX RGB fans, which most case manufacturers of the world do not offer, so this case is the Best RGB-Fans Pink PC Case. The RGB quality of the fans is also well thought out. It blends beautifully around the fan shroud. There is a dust filter on top of the chassis.

Despite being a good value-for-money product, the RGB fans are daisy-chained with the old school D slot connectors. People have reported cable management to be a bit tricky to manage, but sufficient holes are provided in the chassis to keep the wires following at the back under the metal cover. We believe that the chassis could have a massive improvement if RGB control were not set on the reset button. Apevia needs improvement on the front panel. The Type-C connection is also missing.

The chassis has enough fans to ensure proper ventilation and allows the installation of most air-cooled CPU kits. The GPU clearance allows installing the top-performing GPUs like the Radeon RX 6800 XT, 267mm in length. The front panel is the standard Apevia design with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. There is a PSU shroud to allow easy cable management and installation of a 140mm ATX PSU. The chassis has enough space to install a liquid reservoir and a 350mm radiator to keep your gaming rig running cool/overclocked.

InWin A1 Plus (Image credit: Amazon)

InWin A1 Plus

Best Pink Premium PC Case


Brand: InWin | Case Form Factor: Mini ITX Tower | Case Material: SECC+Tempered Glass | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX | Drive Bay: 0+0+2 | GPU Clearance: 320mm | CPU Clearance: 160mm | PSU Clearance: 343mm (preinstalled) | Radiator Compatibility: 120mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 16.72 pounds | Dimensions: 16.3 x 11.61 x 13.54 inches


It comes with InWin 650W 80 Plus Gold PSU

Mesmerizing RGB implementation with two RGB fans

It is aesthetically pleasing with a fully transparent look


No built-in RGB

No built-in Optical drive area

InWin is known to give its customers the best deals in the market. Their PC cases are targeted at the market’s higher price segment, but their products deliver what they offer in specs. InWin A1 Plus caught our eye not just because it’s a great deal, but this Mini-ITX Tower has all the options in a small package. This case is the best pink premium PC case. You can’t miss the RGB in this case; it comes with ARGB that pierces through the tinted transparent stand. The two Sirius loop ASL120 fans come preinstalled with the chassis. The fans have high demand themselves due to the subtle RGB look that they offer. They have included an InWin 650W 80 Plus Gold PSU inside the frame as a cherry on top.

Since the chassis is a mini-itx size constraint comes with the package. You need to be experienced in cable management and hardware installation to assemble a gaming rig. The airflow is bound to be restricted, so adding fans to the bottom to improve airflow is suggested. The power supply that comes with the case is non-modular and does not support an AIO cooling solution, but you can fit a radiator size of 120mm inside the chassis. Storage options are limited due to the lack of space inside the pink beast. There is no 3.5” drive bay, but it’s evident that modern games require SSDs to work fast.

It also comes with a unique feature, which only this chassis offers at this price point, a WPC Qi 1.2 certified wireless charger. InWin has smartly used its space to allow a 320mm GPU to fit inside; you can easily do one of the most potent professional GPU Titan V inside it. Due to the small size, they have placed the front panel on the top. The beautiful blends stand or poring of silver accent around the accessible panel stand out yet blend into the color contrast. It offers two USB 3.0 Type-A connections and HD audio jacks. The panel is a corrosion-free stainless metal with shine made to last long.

Apevia Aura-F-PK (Image credit: Amazon)

Apevia Aura-F-PK

Best Pink Frame PC Case


Brand: Apevia | Pink Color: Exterior Accents | Case Form Factor: Mid Tower | Case Material: Metal Tempered glass panel + Alloy Steel | Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro ATX / ITX | Drive Bay: 0+2+2 | GPU Clearance: 350mm | CPU Clearance: 165mm | PSU Clearance: 240mm | Radiator Compatibility: Nil | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 14.82 pounds | Dimensions: 15.75 x 8 x 18 inches


Versatile cooling options

Removable storage drive bays

Modern and bold aesthetics with quality material


PSU compartment choked up

No dust filters on the top and sides

Apevia Aura-F-PK is the best pink frame PC case. This case is a mid-tower pink PC case that is just the right size for your tabletop. It can house high-end gaming products within the clearances it provides. The chassis comes with pink and black accents. It comes with four pre-installed RGB fans controlled via a clicky flick switch on the front. The chassis has a unique way of powering up and restarting with the individual button in our list. The case comes with a smoked glass front and side, which allows you to peek through to fans RGB lightning inside the chassis. Its clearance for CPU can easily house a massive overclocking capable Noctua NH-D15 within 165mm allowable space.

The RGB looks gorgeous inside the smoked glass, but it cannot be addressed via the mobo software or BIOS. However, it can be cycled by using the button place on the front end of the chassis. The users have reported facing difficulties in the management of cables inside the chassis. The space for wires on the bottom has not been utilized properly. After installation, the motherboard hits the top of the chassis, leaving no room for any radiator. The tempered glass on the front block a lot of air. It could have been replaced with a mesh or slightly offset from the case to allow airflow, but it looks great.

The front is also located on the top as the mid-tower size is smaller than its competition. It comes with a USB 3.0 Type-A port, two USB 2.0 Type-A ports, HD Audio ports, a black interior, and a PSU shroud. The shroud performs as the airflow director towards the PSU and helps manage cables. The chassis to allow significant airflow from the front has slits on both sides of the case. It gives the chassis enough air to intake from the front and let out from the back of the top. The option to install two SSDs and two HDDs makes this pink PC case a great deal.

Apevia PRODIGY-PK (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Pink Micro-ATX Case


Brand: Apevia | Pink Color: Full Exterior | Case Form Factor: Micro-ATX tower | Case Material: Metal Tempered glass panel | Motherboard Support: Micro ATX | Drive Bay: 0+2+2 | GPU Clearance: 350mm | CPU Clearance: 165mm | PSU Clearance: 140mm | Radiator Compatibility: 240mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 13.22 pounds | Dimensions: 16.14 x 7.95 x 15.55 inches


Huge grill on the front for high airflow

GPU clearance for high-end graphic cards

Designed with a handlebar for easy transportation


Outdated RGB fan connectors

No standoff screws and cable tie included

Apevia loves the honeycomb structure on the front grill. They featured it in their predator series and have sweetly blended it into this micro ATX chassis. Apevia PRODIGY-PK is the Best Pink Micro-ATX Case. Three pre-included RGB fans glow inside out. The fans have RGB on outer rings and inside structures to make them stand out. The 120mm RGB fans also push significant air through the case due to the mesh present on the front. The mesh is painted pink and has loads of surface area to keep the airflow optimum. This chassis is recommended for air-based CPU coolers as the CPU clearance is high enough to house high-end heat sinks. The chassis also has a low air pressure drop across the casing.

The case looks gorgeous on the tabletop, but it has its fair share of flaws. The RGB fans included have outdated connectors, so you might face some difficulty hooking them up with your PC if you are not experienced. The standoff screws are not included in the box, which can be a letdown for first-timers; this means that you need to know all the stuff you will need before starting a build, and this again requires experience and feedback to get done in less time. The cable ties are also not included, so that cable management could cause a delay in assembly.

This case can house a 240mm radiator for liquid-based cooling, which is usually challenging to incorporate in a micro-atx tower. You can quickly build a gaming machine that plays all high-end AAA titles. The 13.22-pound case has a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, HD audio jacks, a reset button, a power button, and an RGB cycling button on the top. It has space to house two 2.5” drives and two 3.5” drives, impressive for a micro-atx tower case. For this price range, you will not be able to find a better deal. The GPU clearance and ATX PSU support allow margin to assemble a top-performing gaming beast that most streamers on Twitch require. The footprint of this case is also very low for your tabletop.

SilverStone SG13P (Image credit: Amazon)

SilverStone SG13P

Best Mini-ITX Pink Case


Brand: SilverStone Technology | Pink Color: Interior and Exterior | Case Form Factor: Mini ITX | Case Material: Mesh or plastic front panel + steel body | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX / Mini DTX | Drive Bay: 0+1+1 | GPU Clearance: 240mm | CPU Clearance: 61mm | PSU Clearance: 150mm | Radiator Compatibility: 140mm | USB Version: 3.0 | Weight: 10.24 pounds | Dimensions: 8.74 x 11.22 x 7.13 inches


Sufficient airflow for cooling performance

Excellent ventilation with oversized vents

High-quality sheet metal with a decent pink shade


No pre-installed fan

Limited radiator support

This chassis is about functionality and minimalist design. SilverStone SG13P looks like a box or a cute toy from a toy store. The chassis as small as a chassis can get, so it is the Best Mini-ITX Pink Case. The chassis is recommended to be used as an HTPC. You can watch Netflix or play games that are not processor-intensive. Despite its unbelievably small size, it can house a 240mm GPU, which is impressive. It also has room for a 140mm radiator, an excellent choice for small enclosures that require gaming power. The case is all pink with no other color accents.

You have a massive grill on the front to allow proper airflow and minimum resistance in the cooling aspect. Being a small chassis comes with its constraints. Like you cannot install more than 1 SSD or 1 HDD in this chassis. The edges inside the chassis are sharp; you are more prone to getting a cut due to the small space to work as an assembler. It comes with a dust filter, which is hard to reach and requires a lot of unscrewing; this might be a problem for people placing their gaming rig in an unconditioned air space due to frequent choking. The I/O panel is placed on the front instead of the top, hard to reach in some circumstances. The price is also unbeatable for this segment.

The chassis allows the installation of a full ATX PSU. The small form factor leaves a minimal footprint on your tabletop, yet it has high ventilation. There are dedicated vents for the GPU to allow sufficient airflow. The pink color shade blends perfectly with the chassis looks. The front ports come with two USB 3.0 and HD audio jacks. On the top of the case: it has a power button placed. Suppose you mount a 140mm RGB fan on the front of the case. The light will shine through the grill and make it aesthetically pleasing. Within this tiny space, SilverStone has given good options for cable management. Also, it comes with built-in motherboard stand-offs.


We have reviewed each product from mid-tower to mini-itx cases, considering the choice of our readers. If you are looking to build a beast gaming PC, we recommend you go for a more significant case as it has room for customization and liquid reservoirs. The smaller cases have loads of space, but you won’t get much creative freedom and aesthetic exposure.

RGB is an essential part of gamers streaming their gaming session live on various platforms like YouTube Gaming, FB Gaming, Discord, and Twitch. Competitive gamers can also go for smaller sizes for portability and enough clearances to support high-end components. The pink color is rare, but some manufacturers have gone above and beyond in making sure that their customers get the perfect performance they are looking for, like the Apevia Crusader-F-PK.

We also think that InWin A1 Plus is a small package with aesthetics to make a head turn. It’s up to the user. Some might prioritize looks over everything else, while some users might look for better features. We just hope our review will help you decide the components of the dream machine you have been looking to build.